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We are professional supplier of top quality laboratory instruments for researchers in both scientific and healthcare fields. The company is dedicated to developing and manufacturing micro instruments and equipment, offering researcher unmatched performance and proven value.  Lab instruments includes Stirrer, Shaker, Vortex, Overhead, Centrifuge, Balance , Fermentation, Electrophoresis System, Gel Documentation System, Stirring Water Bath, Incubator, Oven, Dry Bath, Gel Doc, Ph Meter, Vacuum Pumps, Peristaltic Pumps etc.

We offer high quality at competitive prices by a convenient and cost-effective one-stop supply.
MiniP-2500 Micro Plate Centrifuge

MiniP-2500 Micro Plate Centrifuge

Rs 50,000  / PieceGet Best Price
Capacity2 PCR Plates
Is It PortablePortable
I Deal InNew Only

Technical Parameter

• Mode : MiniP-2500 Micro plate centrifuge
• Capacity : 2 PCR Plates
• Rotor Speed : 2500 rpm
• G Force : 500 g
• Rotor : Fixed vertically
• Dimensions (W x D x H) : 20 (W) × 23 (D) × 19.3 (H) cm
• Weight : 3 KG
• Voltage : DC24V, 50-60 Hz

Product Features:

• Wide applicable range
• It accepts skirted, non-skirted and all standard PCR plates making the centrifuge can be placed in the refrigerator.
• Strong centrifugal power: accelerate to 2500 rpm quickly, Automatic brake.
• It won’t exceed 10S from the maximum speed. Brushless DC motor is free of maintenance.
• Humanized program design, short -spin and timing operation mode make the experiment more convenient and efficient. Very stable and quite.
• Unique design: smart, less occupied space, simple operation, all cover 95 °open,convenient to fetch PCR.
• It can quickly spin down droplets and condensation and is for use before and after thermal cycling to improve PCR yield.

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BR-PCR-2200 PCR Plate Centrifuge

BR-PCR-2200 PCR Plate Centrifuge

Rs 37,000  / PieceGet Best Price

Product Brochure

BrandBR Biochem
Capacity2 PCR plates
Power45 W
Timing Range15sec ~1min59sec
Rotating speed2200~2800rpm
Lid open auto stopYes
Short RunYes
Acceleration timeMore Than or equal 10sec(from 0 to 2800rpm)
Brake timeMore than or equal 4sec(from 2800rpm to 0)
BR-PCR-2200 Centrifuge for Microplate is designed for quick spins of samples in PCR plates. Primarily designed for use with 96 or 384 well plates and small volumes, it accepts skirted, non skirted and semi
Features:Easy to use, real-time display of all operating information.DC brushless motor, low noise, small interference,maintenanceWhen open the cap, it will stop running automatically.Fast acceleration from standstill to maximum speed fully inBraking time is short, from the highest speed to a complete

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PCR Plate Centrifuge

PCR Plate Centrifuge

Rs 36,000  / PieceGet Best Price
BrandBR Biochem
Weight3 Kg
Capacity2 PCR Plates
Rotor Speed2500 rpm
G Force500 g
RotorFixed vertically
VoltageDC24V 50-60 Hz

Product Features:

  • Wide applicable range: It accepts skirted, non-skirted and all standard PCR plates making the centrifuge can be placed in the refrigerator.
  • Strong centrifugal power: accelerate to 2500rpm quickly, Automatic brake. It won’t exceed 10S from the maximum speed .Brushless DC motor is free of maintenance.
  • Humanized program design, short -spin and timing operation mode make the experiment more convenient and efficient. Very stable and quite.
  • Unique design: smart, less occupied space, simple operation, all cover 95 °open, convenient to fetch PCR.
  • It can quickly spin down droplets and condensation and is for use before and after thermal cycling to improve PCR yield.



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Hot Plate Magnetic Stirrer

Hot Plate Magnetic Stirrer

Rs 40,000  / PieceGet Best Price

Minimum Order Quantity: 0 Piece

BrandBR Biochem
Speed Range100-1500rpm
Dimensions10.2"L x 6"W x 3.2"H
Temperature Range280 degree C
Temp increments1 degree C
Temp control accuracy with PT1000+-0.5 degree C
Heating rate (1 liter water)6K/min
Speed/Heat displayLED
Motor typeDC
Stirring capacity3L
Plate diameter5.3"
Plate materialCeramic
Other Details:
  • Electronic speed control for constant speed even during changes in load
  • Low heat temperature stability
  • Long life brushless motor
  • High magnetic adhesion
  • cTUVus approved
  • CE Marked
  • 2 Years Warranty

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Biological Indicator Incubator

Biological Indicator Incubator

Rs 75,000.00  / PieceGet Best Price

Minimum Order Quantity: 0 Piece

BrandBR Biochem
Frequency50 Hz
Temperature Rangetemperature up to 70o C with an accuracy of + 1o C.
INCUBATOR BACTERIOLOGICALIncubators are suitable for variety of uses like drying of slides, paraffin embedding, tissue culture work incubation of anti body test, microbiological determination incubation of hydroxy steroids and crystallization studies. Incubators are suitable for temperature up to70o C with an accuracy of + 1o C.

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Visible Spectrophotometer

Visible Spectrophotometer

Rs 5.5 Lakh  / PieceGet Best Price

Minimum Order Quantity: 0 Piece

BrandBR Biochem
TypeNon Portable
Wavelength Range325-1100 nm
Sizestandard dimension
Dimensionsstandard dimension
Weightstandard weight
Short Term Stabilityyes
Temperature Stabilityyes

  • Model : V-5000
  • Optical System : Single Beam,Grating 1200lines/mm
  • Wavelength Range : 325-1000nm
  • Spectral Bandwidth : 4nm
  • Wavelength Accuracy : ±1nm
  • Wavelength Repeatability : 0.5nm
  • Photometric Accuracy : ±0.5%T
  • Photometric Repeatability : 0.3%T
  • Photometric Mode : T, A, C, F
  • Stray Light : <_0.3%T
  • Stability : ± 0.002A/h @ 500nm
  • Display : 4 Bits LEDDetector : Silicon Photodiode
  • Output : USB Port & Parallel Port(Printer)
  • Light Source : Tungsten Halogen Lamp
  • Power Requirements : AC 85~250VDimension : 420*280*180mm
  • Weight : 8kg


  • Easy to use
  • Press one button for easy switching of Transmittance,Absorbance and Concentration modes.
  • Auto zero and blank
  • LED display is large enough to read from any distance, there’s no need tosearch or squint.
  • Large sample compartment, it can accommodate 5-100 mm path lengthcuvettes with optional holders.
  • Pre-aligned design ensures the user to change lamp conveniently
  • Optional software based on windows® can expand the applications toStandard Curve & Kinetics.
  • Two-points-method to measure concentration of unknown samples.
  • V-5000 is a basic model with high cost-performance. High quality silicon photometric diode detector and 1200 lines/mm grating ensure the high accuracy and precision.

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Micro Spectrophotometer

Micro Spectrophotometer

Rs 5.5 Lakh  / PieceGet Best Price

Minimum Order Quantity: 0 Piece

BrandBR Biochem
TypeNon Portable
Wavelength Range325-1100 nm
SizeStandard size
DimensionsStandard dimension
Technical Specification

  • Wavelength Range : 200~850 nm
  • Minimum Sample Size : 0.5 2.0 ulPath
  •  Length : 0.2mm: (For high concentration measurement) 1.0 mm(For ordinary)
  • Light Source : Xenon fl ash lamp
  • Detector Type : 3864-element linear silicon CCD array
  • Wavelength Accuracy : 1 nmSpectral Resolution : <_ 3 nm (FWHM at Hg 546 nm)
  • Absorbance Precision : 0.003 Abs
  • Absorbance Accuracy : 1% (at 0.76 at 350 nm)
  • Absorbance Range : 0.02 - 75 (10 mm equivalent)
  • Measurement Time : < 5 sDimensions (W x D x H)mm : 200 x 262 x 154 mm
  • Weight : 2.5 KgSample Pedestal Material : Aluminum Alloy and Quartz Fiber
  • Operating Voltage : 12V DCOperating Power Consumption : 12 - 18 WStandby Power Consumption : 5 WSoftware Compatibility : Windows 7, Windows XP


  • Direct, easy measurements in less than 5 seconds
  • just pipette & wipe• Full spectral output
  • Measures DNA, RNA (A260) and Protein (A280), concentrations and sample purity(260/280 ratio)• Large concentration range without dilutions
  • User-friendly software that includes Custom Methods and data export capabilities
  • Low-cost operation-no plates or other consumable
  • Nano-100 is a Micro-Spectrophotometer designed for nucleic acid measurements. It can accuratelymeasure nucleic acid samples, and is no need to dilute high-concentration samples. Simply pipette0.5~2 ul sample onto the pedestal, laying down the sampling arm, Nano-100 can automaticallycomplete the measurement within 5 seconds.

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Orbital Shaker

Orbital Shaker

Rs 60,000  / PieceGet Best Price

Minimum Order Quantity: 0 Piece

MaterialBorosilicate Glass
Temperature RangeCustomize
Automation TypeAutomatic, Semi-Automatic
Electrode MaterialCustomize
Gear TypeCustomize
Grade StandardCustomize
Handle MaterialCustomize
Knife Edge SizeCustomize
Operating VoltageCustomize
The Sea Star™ Digital Orbital Shaker tracks timed runs, continuous usage and rpm settings for improved test procedure repeatability. Nonstop optical motor feedback provides instantaneous speed adjustment. Turn the speed knob for gentle agitation or vigorous orbital motion. Slow-start motion decreases the risk of spills. Low-rpm setting provides gentle shaking for molecular biology and immunology applications. Ideally priced and built-to-last.

  • Soft-start feature and low-speed setting ideal for staining and de-staining of gels
  • Sturdy platform generously holds various containers
  • Versatile, use with assay plates, open vessels, culture flasks and more
  • Ideal for long-term studies and/or overnight requirements
    • 6 standard or deep well assay plates (more if stacking is an option)
    • 25 ea 50ml Erlenmeyer Flasks (conical)
    • 16 ea 125ml Erlenmeyer Flasks (conical)
    • 9 ea 250ml Erlenmeyer Flasks (conical)
    • 4 ea 500ml Erlenmeyer Flasks (conical)
    • 4 ea 1L Erlenmeyer Flasks (conical)
    • 1 ea 2L Erlenmeyer Flasks (conical)
    • 36 ea 50ml Beakers
    • 25 ea 100ml Beakers
    • 16 ea 250ml Beakers
    • 9 ea 400ml Beakers
    • 4 ea 1L Beakers
    • Set for continuous time or up to 49 hours
    • Instant speed adjustment from 20 to 300 rpm
    • LED shows speed and time remaining
    • Audible beep indicates ending time
    • Optical motor feedback
    • Soft rubber feet minimizes “walking”
    • Skid-free rubber mat with unique wave design
    • Sturdy anodized aluminum platform
    • Eight elastic ties stabilize flasks and beakers
    • Plug-in-place interchangeable power adapter
    • Interchangeable adapter plugs for U.S./Japan/Taiwan, Continental Europe/Israel, Australia, and United Kingdom


    • Design – Aesthetically pleasing style and highly intuitive
      Function – Multi-purpose with varying speed adjustments
      Innovation – State-of-the-art motor feedback for accurate speed readings
      Platform capacity (not limited to list below)


      Speed Range:20 to 300 rpm (adjustable)
      Orbit Diameter:19.2mm
      Timer Range:0 to 49 hours
      Maximum Load:4.5kg
      Ambient Conditions:4 to 40ºC; 20 to 80% RH, non-condensing
      Power Requirements:100 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
      Platform Interior Dimensions:279mm W x 279mm D
      Overall Dimensions:314mm W x 183mm H x 305mm D

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    Protein Electrophoresis

    Protein Electrophoresis

    Rs 87,000  / PieceGet Best Price
    Operation ModeSemi Automatic
    Volume50mL Buffer
    Pack TypeBox
    Mini Protein Electrophoresis Unit for 2-4 Gel

    The Mini P-4 Cell has set the new standard for MiniVertical Electrophoresis:Easier to assemble, leakproof, and with a four-gel capacity that doubles the output of the traditional cell, the Mini P-4 cell combines traditional features with higher throughput and even greater reliability. Modular Cells for Many Applications Interchangeable modules easily convert a Mini P-4 cell from one application to another. Each module fits into the same buffer tank and lid to form a complete cell.

    • The modular configurations are:Mini P-4 electrophoresis cell — for running handcastor precast PAGE gel and (SDS)-PAGE gels Mini TBC electrophoretic transfer cell — for westernblotting
    • The Mini-P-4 cell is ideal for your vertical mini gel electrophoresis needs. Easy to use, easy to assemble, robust, and versatile, the cell accommodates up to four handcast or precast gels. Casting and running gels have never been quicker or easier.
    • Run up to 4 mini gels in less than an hourRun four 2-D gels in less than a day


    • Number of gels: 1–4Precast gels precast gelsHandcast gels Cast using spacer plates
    • Glass plate size (W x L)
    • Short plate 10.1 x 7.3 cmSpacer plate 10.1 x 8.2 cm
    • Gel size (W x L)Handcast 8.3 x 7.3 cmPrecast 8.6 x 6.8 cm
    • Total buffer volume for 2 gels 700 mlTotal buffer volume for 4 gels 1,000 ml
    • Typical run times for SDS-PAGE 35–45 min (at 200 V constant)

    System Component:

    • High transparency molded PC, clearly display the running status; easy-to-useElectrode Assembly and leak-free
    • Casting Stand: side-by-side design allows access to two gels simultaneously,
    • Casting Frame: Simple cam closure; no bulky clamps or thumbscrews.
    • Gaskets: Silicone rubber foaming against leakage
    • Plastic Comb: do not inhibit polymerization and have a built-in ridge to eliminate air contactduring gel casting for uniform gel polymerization
    • Glass Plate: labeled with thickness for instant identification

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    Rocking Shaker

    Rocking Shaker

    Rs 32,000  / PieceGet Best Price

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece

    Is It PortablePortable
    I Deal InNew Only
    SpeedStepless Speed Regulation

    Other Details:

    • Power: 220V
    • Capy: 30W
    • Frequency: 0 ~ 80 RPM
    • Speed: Stepless Speed Regulation
    • Plate: 280 * 260mm
    • Rocking Range: Up-Down 20mm
    • Overall Dimension: 350 * 260 * 160mm

    For More Info And Related Products Check The Pdf Brochure

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    Weighing Balance

    Weighing Balance

    Rs 78,000  / 1 peaceGet Best Price
    Accuracy99 %
    Balance TypeDigital
    Weighing Capacity10 kg
    Material To Be MeasuredChemicals
    Voltage240 V
    For the highest precision, the JJ-B Series can meet the ultimate measuring requirements of the individual user. With likewise solid construction and simple user-machine interaction possibility, the JJ-B series allows a precise measurement in the mg-range. A more sensitive load cell, more compact circuit, the improved MPU and control system form the kernel unit of the instrument. The automatic calibration function makes the configuration of the product as simple as possible. The integrated bubble level and adjustable foothold provide a necessary guarantee for the stability of the instrument on the measuring surface as wells as the measuring result. The measuring data is displayed on the 15 mm LCD-Display. The connection to the printer and computer can be established through the embedded RS232 interface. The alterative weighing method from the bottom of the scale (the so called underfloor weighing function) provides more flexibility for the application of the instrument.

    Model:- Robust chassis construction with aluminum alloy- Plastic case, insensitive and easy for cleaning- Single point load cell (strain gauge) in extra aluminum case to shield the possible interference.- Stainless steel weighing plate on metal support- 15 mm LCD-Display.

    Product Features: - 7 weighing units (g, ct, ozt, oz, GN, dwt, lb)- Count function (Reference number: 1/10/20/50/100)- Tare function- Automatic calibration function- Underfloor weighing

    Weighing Range200gm
    Readability (d)0.001gm
    Techical Data
    Calibration value (e)
    Tara Range200gm
    Calibration weight200gm
    Weighing plate135mm dia
    Dimension325 x 211 x 110 mm (BXDXH)
    Electric Supply220 Volt
    Operating TemperatureMain operation: AC Adapter 230V / 15V / 300 mA / 50Hz/60Hz

    For any other weighing balance of different scale, feel free to contact us. We deal in microbalance to scrane scales.

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    PHS-25CW PH Meter

    PHS-25CW PH Meter

    Rs 30,500  / PieceGet Best Price
    Model Name/NumberPHS-25CW
    BrandBR Biochem
    Type Of Ph MeterPortable
    Ph Range0.00~14.00pH
    Temperature Compensation0~100 degree C , Manual
    mV Range-1999~1999mV
    mV Accuracy+-10mV
    Calibration Points2 points
    Power RequirementsDC9V, using AC adapters, 220VAC/50Hz

    Auto-Buffer Recognition:

    During the calibration, if the calibration solution does not match meter indicated value, an ERROR indicator will be displayed. After calibration, the percentage slope of the electrode is displayed before the meter return to pH measurement mode. As per the electrode slopes, you can decides whether to replace the sensor.


    Temperature Compensation:

    The meter provides temperature compensation mode for optimum accuracy under variable temperature conditions manually.



    The integrated plastic housing & keypad is sealed to protect against accidental spills. The holder arm is rapidly switched to both sides & swivels and articulates for convenient use and positioning.


    Automatic Calibration:

    The meter is capable of calibrating up to 2 points using USA or NIST pH standard buffer. Press the CAL key to enter calibration mode and immerse pH sensor into indicated calibration solutions. Press ENTER key and meter is automatically calibrated.





    pH Range




    pH Accuracy




    mV Range




    mV Accuracy




    Temperature Compensation


    0~100°C, Manual


    Calibration Points


    2 points


    Calibration Solutions


    USA (pH4.01, 7.00, 10.01) or NIST (pH4.01, 6.86, 9.18)


    Power Requirements


    DC9V, using AC adapters, 220VAC/50Hz










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    BITH-100 / BITC-100 Thermo Shaker

    BITH-100 / BITC-100 Thermo Shaker

    Rs 72,000  / PieceGet Best Price

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece

    Product Brochure

    VoltageAC220V or AC110V/50-60HZ
    Power150 W
    Weight8.5 KG
    Auto heatingYes
    Thermo Shaker is a temperature controlled shaker, which is used for a variety of molecular biology applications. Speed, time and temperature settings are continuously visible on the LCD, simultaneously showing both actual and selected values.Integral over-temperature control ensures long time, safety and sample integrity.

    • Storing samples at ice bucket temperatures.
    • Storing enzymes or DNA libraries at work station.
    • Transporting samples from the field at exactly the right temperature.
    • Heating samples in the field.
    • Enzyme reactions and deactivations.
    • PCR sample preparation

    • LCD display. It is easy to setup and use.
    • Reliable design with inner extra temperature protection.
    • Each thermo shaker is equipped with lifter that is easy to replace
    • different blocks.
    • Digital accuracy and convenience.
    • Precision wells for uniform thermal transfer.
    • Assorted blocks for a wide variety of tube sizes.
    • Brushless DC Motor: noiseless long service life maintenance-free.
    • Conform to CE safety standard.
    • Accurately control and display time, temperature and speed.

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    UV Transilluminator

    UV Transilluminator

    Rs 28,000  / PieceGet Best Price

    Minimum Order Quantity: 0 Piece

    BrandBR Biochem
    MaterialBorosilicate Glass
    Automation TypeAutomatic
    Our high quality UV Transilluminators are designed for viewing DNA/RNA in agarose gels stained with ethidium bromide(EB) or other dyes. Transparent hinged cover, with UV-blocking material to protect users from exposure to hazardous UV radiation, is mounted by slip-hinges for easy removal and replacement. These 302nm or 365nm UV lamps produce even distribution at the filter surface for better identification and documentation of viewed gels. The 302nm UV induces high fluorescence and sensitivity in ethidium bromide/DNA complexes producing sharp, distinct bands. At this wavelength, photo-nicking, dimerization and photo-bleaching to gels are minimized. Unsurpassed UV intensity and outstanding irradiance uniformity enable visualization of even trace amounts of DNA. Airproof frame reduces the chance of gel damage or contamination.

    Technical Specification:
    ModelFilter size(mm)Wavelength(nm)IntensitySize(mm)
    CUV 10200×200302(254,365 option)Single Intensity380×290×90
    CUV 40A260×210302&365(254 option)Variable Intensity380×290×90

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    Bi-Pcr-99 Mini PCR Machine

    Bi-Pcr-99 Mini PCR Machine

    Rs 84,000.00  / PieceGet Best Price
    BrandBR Biochem
    Model Name/NumberBI-PCR-99
    Sample Capacity/Format30 Wells
    Volume Thermal Block Sample0.2 mL
    TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONSCapacity: 30×0.2mLTemp range: 0 99 Rt30 Max Heating rate: 2 sMax cooling rate: 2 sUniformity: 0.3 constant 10s)
    Accuracy: 0.Temp control: BlockStored program no: 3Max. No. of Cycle: 99Display: 12864LCDCommunication: Serial portSize: 160mm(L)x140mm(W)x120mm(H)Weight: 2.2kg

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    Ultrasonic Probe Sonicator

    Ultrasonic Probe Sonicator

    Rs 2.64 Lakh  / PieceGet Best Price

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece

    Product Brochure

    BrandBR Biochem Brand
    MaterialAluminium Alloy
    Model Name/NumberBI-500PS
    Capacity500 Watts
    Ultrasonic Frequency: 20-25KHZUltrasonic Power: 500 wTreatable Capacity: 0.25-1000mlDuty ratio: 0.1-99.9%Threaded Ultrasonic Probe Tip; Solid tip Φ13

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    Probe Sonicator

    Probe Sonicator

    Rs 2.34 Lakh  / PieceGet Best Price
    MaterialBorosilicate Glass
    Automation TypeSemi-Automatic, Automatic
    Low Price probe sonicator fullfils most of your lab needs

    Frequency: 20-25KHz
    Accompany Φ6
    Optional Variable Amplitude LeverΦ3
    Power: 150 W
    Crushing capacity :10-100ml
    Duty ratio 0.1-99.9%
    Power 220/110 ± 5%
    N/W(KG):19.24 G/W:20.29
    Packing size:53.4cm*29.5cm*43.5cm

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    Bacti-Cinerator Sterilizer

    Bacti-Cinerator Sterilizer

    Rs 22,000.00  / PieceGet Best Price
    ApplicationLaboratory & Pharmaceuticals
    Type Of SterilizerSteam Sterilizer
    MaterialStainless Steel
    Insulation WallDouble Wall

    • The center high-temperature: 815±50 °CThe Max-diameter of sterilizer goods: Ø35 mmThe length of sterilizer: 100 mm
    • Net weigh: 1.4Kg

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    Freeze Dryer

    Freeze Dryer

    Rs 5 Lakh  / PieceGet Best Price

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece

    Temperature Range0-50 Degree C
    Model Name/NumberBIFD-001
    BrandBR Biochem

    • Accord with international standards of Green environment
    • 7" Truecolor Touch Screen, English Interface, display drying curve and history curve;
    • U disk Can storage lyophilized data;
    • Upload software can print curve;
    • Embedded circuit design, 128 M FLASH, can save dozen times Lyophilized data;
    • Large opening trap, no coil inside, with samples prefreeze function
    • Imported refrigeration compressor, low noise
    • Cold trap and control panel were made by stainless steel, corrosionresistant, easy to clean
    • Transparent Bell type drying room, secure and ocular
    • Stainless steel sample holder, common sample plate spacing adjustable
    • Small size and easy to operate
    • Nitrogen inflation valve within

    Technical Specifications

    • No-load Temperature <-56oC
    • Freeze Area 0.12 m2
    • Plate Load Capacity/ Condenser Capacity 1.5 L/ 3Liter
    • Ability to Capture Water 3Kg
    • Vacuum Degree <10Pa
    • Machine Dimension W450×D580×H(380+450) mm
    • Sample Tray Size 4×Φ200mm
    • Power 950W
    • Interlayer spacing 70 mm
    • Cold trap size Ø215×160 mm

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    Ultrasonic cleaner

    Ultrasonic cleaner

    Rs 31,000  / PieceGet Best Price

    Minimum Order Quantity: 0 Piece

    BrandBR Biochem
    Model Name/NumberBR-2.0L
    Frequency40 khz
    Volume2 Liter
    Power00 watt to 3000 watt depend upon capacity of tank

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    100 bp DNA Ladder

    100 bp DNA Ladder

    Rs 3,420  / PieceGet Best Price

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece

    Colorall variable
    Surface Finishyes
    Surface Treatmentpolished and clean
    Range: 100-3,000 bp Number of bands: 12Concentration: 108 μg/ml Package: 54ug/500ulRecommended Load: 5 μl / well Storage: RT and 4°C up to 6 month.Store at -20°C up to 1 year.Containing orange G & xylene cyanol FF as tracking dyes.

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    Automatic Micropipettes

    Automatic Micropipettes

    Rs 5,000  / PieceGet Best Price

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece

    Usage/ApplicationChemical Laboratory
    BrandBR Biochem
    FeaturesFully Autoclavable
    Professional design, Unique Shape, Comfortable Handle, in accordance with Human engineering Special Metal Maerial ensure durability, accuracy and stability which ensures no maintainence for a year time Lock system so that adjustable pipette can be used as fixed pipette.

    • Each pipette in accordance with Q/TFBM02 2002, DIN 12650 Standards. Each pipette have shifters certificate.
    • In accordance with GLP and ISO9001 regulation.
    • Operators can calibrate pipette by their own.
    • Fully Auticlavable
    • Special material on handle prevent heat transfer to gaurantee the accuracy.

    Volume Range:



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    Bioprep-24 Homogenizer

    Bioprep-24 Homogenizer

    Rs 11.75 Lakh  / PieceGet Best Price
    Weight420 g (14.8 oz.)
    Speed Range4000~5800 rpm (in steps of 100 rpm)
    Run time190 s (in steps of 1 s)Programmable: : 50
    Saved Programs Number of Cycles1 - 99
    DisplayLED, High light and no visual angle limit Number of Samples: : 1~24 samples
    Running Noise< 70 db
    Pause Time0 - 9 minutes 59 seconds
    Number of Samples1~24 samples
    Running Noise< 70 db Pause Time: : 0 - 9 minutes 59 seconds
    Dimensions192 x 104 x 134 mm (7.5 x 4.1 x 5.3")
    Other Details:
    • Human, animal, plant cells- Micro-organisms- Soil and sediments- Swabs and feces- Drugs, polymers, lotions, etc
    • Features
    • 3D Rotating High Speed Motion" for quick disruption of those fi brous tissues and resistant cells
    • 10 Programmable memory settings and user optional condition settings- A wide range of rotation speed settings from 4,000 rpm to 5,800 rpm, increment 100 rpm
    • Brushless motor realizing no brush particle generation and no brush replacement
    • Easy to remove sample tube holder and easy to fi x sample tubes with the turn of the central knob
    • Easy to monitor the disruption process through the clear lid
    • Simultaneously homogenize either 24 x 2 mL or 12 x 5 mL tubes
    • Disposable tubes ensure no threat of cross-contamination
    • Economical and compact tabletop system

    Meter Key Features
    • Compact and lightweight
    • Built-in beaker and beaker-top electrode holder
    • pH and temperature in one probe
    • Dual-level LCD
    • Automatic calibration
    • Operated by battery or 12 VDC
    • C and DegreeF temperature scales
    • Built-in magnetic stirrer (available on HI208 model)

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    Slide Holder HS15981C

    Slide Holder HS15981C

    Rs 9,327  / PieceGet Best Price

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece

    ApplicationChemical Laboratory
    GradeMedical grade
    TypeLab equipment
    ProductSlide Holder
    Hold slides during evaluation,cleaning, and drying- Made from chemical resistant polyethylene- Solid, strong construction with rubber feet for bench top stability

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    Seed Counter

    Seed Counter

    Rs 75,000  / PieceGet Best Price
    Product TypeCustomize
    Usage/ApplicationCurrency Counting
    Counting SpeedCustomize
    Model Name/NumberCustomize
    Automation GradeAutomatic
    Driven TypeCustomize

    Automatic Seed Counter

    This Micro-chip based digital electronic seed counter offers precise automatic seed counting simply at the press of a button.Seed counting can be a painfully slow and laborious task not with this clever bench top instrument. Save time and labour and become more efficient and precise.


    • Simple membrane key pad operation complete
    • Fully automated operation.
    • LED shows the hypothesis number and the actual number.
    • Count speed can be changed.
    • Measuring range: 1-99999
    • Application scope: small sample: 0.7mm - 4mm x 0.7-12mm big sample:3mm - 10mm x 3mm - 12mm
    • Time for test: more than 1000 seeds / 3minute
    • Precision mode: Big seed sample: 2min / 1000 seeds
    • Precision mode: Small seed sample: 4min / 1000 seeds
    • Continuous working time: More than 5 hours

    Small seed sample such as rice, wheat, rapeseed, vegetables, flowers and plants, .
    Big seed sample such as corn, bean, sunflower seed.

    Model AP-SLYC can count both big sample & small sample

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    10 Bp DNA Ladder

    10 Bp DNA Ladder

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    Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece

    Sample TypeBlood, Urine, Serum
    Sample Volume50 uL serum
    Result Time2 min
    Sensitivity5.0 ng/mL
    Recommended Loading 2-5 l/Lane Concentration Typical Bands 100 ng/5lConcentration Other Bands 40 ng/5lAdvised Electrophoresis Condition 8 cm,5% Agarose Gel, 0.5xTBE, 5 V/cm, 1 h Contents bp 80, 90, 100, 110, 120, 130,140, 150, 160, 170, 180, 190, 200, 210, 220,230, 240, 250, 260, 270, 280, 290,300Mix Concentration 168 ng/lStorage -20 DegreeC

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